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Athletes make daily decisions to rest, swap focus, or to push relentlessly onward. An advanced level discussion, this article hits the process of tendon healing and repair within the confines of your daily life.  We also discuss the difficult topic of self-control and the hallmark of intelligent athleticism to prevent tendon degeneration and tearing. Education on what tendinosis is rounds out the conversation with a firm needed wah-bam of important anatomy.

This article aims to teach you the process of damage that occurs when you push your body too hard. To understanding the damaging process that precedes a tear. This way you can come in with great stories instead of exhilaration and achievement instead of woe-

We cover tendonitis, tendonosis, and a variety of tendon related terms. To break it down for you, here is a list of basic tendon terms to understand: 

Tendonitis vs Tendonosis:

Tendonitis- An inflammatory condition primarily se...

Don't sugar coat it, tell the truth about your injury! Choose to use real world examples to show the claims adjustor where you are in your care, and don't forget to leave a paper trail!

December 1, 2017

Releasing up to 1500 plastic fibers per wash, your clothes might just be what is damaging the water. Think yoga pants. The gentle cycle will not only decrease the amount of plastic fibers released but your clothes will last longer.

August 28, 2017

We can rebuild your body to do exactly what you need it to do without the consequences of re-injury or repetitive strain. But you need to put some elbow grease in- 

Read along to learn more about healing your body and preventing future injuries!


Your body is your own invention. What does that mean? It’s formed itself based on the tasks you ask of it. Constantly rebuilding itself and reinforcing itself to suit your needs, your body is a living machine that replaces all soft tissues (muscle, tendon, and ligaments) every 4 years and your bones every 8 years! This means that we need to take a look at your habits and your diet to ensure your body stays at optimum for a lifetime!

We are not all the same.

Because you have a different lifestyle than your friends, with different nutrition, habits, and ways of paying for your shoes and your chalk, you are truly starting from a different self-care spot than your climbing p...

The stabbing pain yanked my foot out from under me. A little grit, a little gore...

July 20, 2017

A blogpost about what I'm up to...

I’m feeling more and more that it’s finding that time  (when you are jazzed) to hone in on those thoughts to finally set them loose upon the world. Truthfully, sometimes I feel like hiding. The burden of having to be on my A-Game daily and being super busy is just too much to not be fatigued at the end of the day. Most other days, I wake up stoked! Thoroughly excited about who I’m going to meet, I'm prepped and excited about planning and showing you how to change your life and your viewpoint.

For me, today is that day. I finally have a bit of a spare moment to myself. I purposefully chose to do nothing today on this blissful weekend. No climbing, no running, no patient files…(sorry guys) Just me and my creative juices… And today the mind matches the spare time. I’m free to actually write. Which I’m damn. fond. of. Which I miss. 

Finding time to write is hard. Not everyone is fortunate to have time off, to have...

The same idea applies to running. Plant your foot directly underneath you and wallah, you have momentum on your side. Another tip is...

October 25, 2016

While driving in San Francisco, I saw a billboard that said 1 of 3 children will live to the age of 100. This isn't a new finding, instead it is the current statistic based on research in the UK. Worldwide, there are pockets of healthy individuals who are living past a century. Currently there are 316,600 living centenarians worldwide... 

Centenarian- A person who lives past 100

One village in Italy has over 300 of its residents that are over 100 years old…Some of this is genetic, some of their longevity is related to lifestyle choices. With this said, here is a list for you to peruse to learn what you can do to enrich your own life. 

Here are the current recommendations founded on researching these current centenarians:

1. Spend time with loved ones. 

Those who have been studied to live to 100 have this in common… They all have tight night families. Spending time with acquired or genetic family deepens the connection between family members, increases aff...

September 14, 2016

Do you get pain from doing back bends? This motion takes the low back vertebrae and compresses them into what we call a 'closed packed position'...It can JAM an already unhappy joint or for those who are OVERLY mobile, it can create havoc!

Here's a great patient story about an athlete who is also a yoga teacher. I've seen MANY yoga teachers for low back pain, and avoiding the deep back bends is all it takes to protect that delicate spine.


Janie Stretchipantz is an 38 year old yoga teacher. Her low back began hurting after an intensive weekend yoga teacher training camp in which she did yoga 3-4 hours every day for a week.

Flexible and well versed, her technique has been honed over the years and she would rate herself at the high teacher level.

On the third day of her training, Janie began feeling pain in the bridge pose, which is a position of full back extension. Her low back became tender and sore as the camp went on and two weeks afterward she was still having pain. The focus...

September 14, 2016

One test we do in office to eliminate the cause of pain in the average patient is the SQUAT TEST....It's very basic.

Stand in your normal neutral position and bend your knees slightly, now pick up one leg and squatting down as far as you can with the other.

I evaluate your feet, your hips, your torso...

We can earn a LOT about your MOBILITY, Motor Patterns, & your common  habits.

Keeping it basic, if you aren't able to hold your body in alignment while doing this exercise, you WILL get injured in the long term...The mechanical strain on the knee is just too much and this leads to increased degeneration and inflammation (pain).

If we CATCH and then correct your positioning (with new pattern training and mobility homework) with a squat test, we can protect you from the dangers of your favorite sport or hobby.

Here’s a great research paper on the topic. Published in 2007 in the Journal Physical Therapy in Sport, it highlights that abnormal motion is increased in tho...

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Skip the Back Bends!

September 14, 2016

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