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Health Is A Journey Not A Destination

When I began my journey with chiropractic 24 years ago, I never imagined the road it would lead me down. It is exciting to pull knowledge and experiences from those years to better serve you on your health journey. Here are seven of my favorite health tidbits.

  1. Your body is always striving for homeostasis- balance and health. Everything it is doing on its own is to keep you healthy. Sometimes what we do to our body pulls us in the other direction.

  2. We are connected head to toe. What happens in your neck effects your low back and feet and visa versa. For this reason, I look at you as a whole person rather than an area.

  3. You are what you eat. Our mothers were right. The foods we consume break down into energy. Some bring us closer to health and some lead us away. If you think of your body as a Porsche, do you want to put Premium or Diesel fuel in it?

  4. We all have many layers like an onion. As we shed layers, new things come up for us to address so we can reach a deeper level of health

  5. Stretching really does help. Stretching after exercise, when your muscles are fatigued, lengthens your muscles more because the muscles are less inhibited. It has been said that stretching doubles your workout!

  6. Fish oil, Vitamin D, quality Probiotics, CoQ10, Collagen Protein and Digestive Enzymes are some of my favorite basic supplements. These are power houses for your brain, heart, muscles, digestive system and more. Ask about our supplement program for pharmaceutical grade supplements shipped to your door so you know that what is going in your body is good for you!

  7. Lucky number 7. Did you know there are attitude adjustments? Having your body worked on, and specifically your upper neck can completely change your outlook! Stress seems more manageable, aggravation subsides and peace, clarity, and contentment shift into place. It's one of my favorites.

Health is a journey, not a destination. Symptoms are the language our body speaks to let us know something isn't right. I strive to listen and put the pieces of your health puzzle together so you can reach new heights.

Karen Borman DC


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