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Pre vs. Post Exercise Stretching: They differ!

Did you know that the TYPE of stretching you do directly affects your ability to use your muscles? There is a great way to remember what type of stretching you should be doing, if it is ACTIVE, it is for before an activity. If it is passive (a slow elongated stretch), it is intended for use after your activity. Warnings for those stiff and non-limber clients: First, no body part likes to be stretched without a little warm-up. A 'Surprise!! I'm stretching" activity often results in a muscle or region feeling like it is at risk of being injured. I've learned this as your provider, showing stretches in the office on a body that isn't prepared often leaves me personally with a stiff reminder the

Cleaning Out your Self-Care Closet: Rollers, what to chuck or keep?

Above: RollFlex (by Armaid) forearm roller leaves forearms feeling smooth and supple cutting down overuse injuries. We got it, you have like SIX different foam rollers. And fancy ones that aren't exactly foam. But are you using them effectively? Here are 4 Pointers for what to use and what to put aside. Who knows where they all are but you're sure you have one of each... A hard one, a soft one, one with those roller blade wheels on it, one with bumps that possibly vibrates?! There are ALL kinds of self-care tools on the market these days, but which one works the best for YOU?! Gather them up and let's see what you actually need and what is redundant. No two tools work the same way, but trut

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