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Skip the Back Bends!

Do you get pain from doing back bends? This motion takes the low back vertebrae and compresses them into what we call a 'closed packed position'...It can JAM an already unhappy joint or for those who are OVERLY mobile, it can create havoc! Here's a great patient story about an athlete who is also a yoga teacher. I've seen MANY yoga teachers for low back pain, and avoiding the deep back bends is all it takes to protect that delicate spine. History: Janie Stretchipantz is an 38 year old yoga teacher. Her low back began hurting after an intensive weekend yoga teacher training camp in which she did yoga 3-4 hours every day for a week. Flexible and well versed, her technique has been honed over t

KNEES: The 1 Leg Squat Test and You.

One test we do in office to eliminate the cause of pain in the average patient is the SQUAT TEST....It's very basic. Stand in your normal neutral position and bend your knees slightly, now pick up one leg and squatting down as far as you can with the other. I evaluate your feet, your hips, your torso... We can earn a LOT about your MOBILITY, Motor Patterns, & your common habits. Keeping it basic, if you aren't able to hold your body in alignment while doing this exercise, you WILL get injured in the long term...The mechanical strain on the knee is just too much and this leads to increased degeneration and inflammation (pain). If we CATCH and then correct your positioning (with new pattern t

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