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December 1, 2017

Releasing up to 1500 plastic fibers per wash, your clothes might just be what is damaging the water. Think yoga pants. The gentle cycle will not only decrease the amount of plastic fibers released but your clothes will last longer.

September 14, 2016

Do you get pain from doing back bends? This motion takes the low back vertebrae and compresses them into what we call a 'closed packed position'...It can JAM an already unhappy joint or for those who are OVERLY mobile, it can create havoc!

Here's a great patient story about an athlete who is also a yoga teacher. I've seen MANY yoga teachers for low back pain, and avoiding the deep back bends is all it takes to protect that delicate spine.


Janie Stretchipantz is an 38 year old yoga teacher. Her low back began hurting after an intensive weekend yoga teacher training camp in which she did yoga 3-4 hours every day for a week.

Flexible and well versed, her technique has been honed over the years and she would rate herself at the high teacher level.

On the third day of her training, Janie began feeling pain in the bridge pose, which is a position of full back extension. Her low back became tender and sore as the camp went on and two weeks afterward she was still having pain. The focus...

Every year, new research comes out on chiropractic and the validity of such studies.

Here's some data from the newest report:


Spinal Surgery:  1,800 negative responses per Million 

Cervical Spine Surgery (Neck): 500 negative responses per Million

Use of Aspirin and NSAIDS: 153 negative responses per Million

Prescription Opiod Pain Medications: 53.6 deaths per Million

Chiropractic Adjustment: Less than 1 major injury per Million 

(or about 1 in 5.85 million)

Are Chiropractors Real doctors? 

To earn their degree, doctors of various disciplines are required to hit a required educational hour mark before completing their program. Here are the current statistics of related professions and chiropractic. 

Educational Hours Required Per Year:

Medical Doctors- 4800 total educational hours

Doctor of Osteopathy- 4660 total educational hours

Doctor of Chiropractic- 4620 total educational hours

Doctor of Physiotherapy- 3870 total educational hours

Who goes to Chiropractors? 

Over 1/...

March 3, 2016


Are you looking to turn your body back to where it was BEFORE it became stiff and achy?


A solo practitioner, I work to give you back your quality of life and your happiness. There is life after injury...You should not only have the opportunity to heal, but to thrive.


I’m now offering a 4 Pack of Visits to new patients with this in mind. Enjoy the benefits of a close patient-provider relationship. This includes 4 visits of care that begins with the evaluation of your body and your habits to ensure health as well as avoidance of future risks. This plan for success includes proper use of your time and some elbow grease to return your body to fit and fabulous. It's not only possible... it's probable with my customized plans for success.



Do You Want:


  • Better motion of joints and your body overall.

  • Pain free joints and tissues to last with time.

  • Less aches and pains at rest and during activity.

  • More energy and a higher happiness level.



This is what my care invites in...

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Skip the Back Bends!

September 14, 2016

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