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A blogpost about what I'm up to...

I’m feeling more and more that it’s finding that time (when you are jazzed) to hone in on those thoughts to finally set them loose upon the world. Truthfully, sometimes I feel like hiding. The burden of having to be on my A-Game daily and being super busy is just too much to not be fatigued at the end of the day. Most other days, I wake up stoked! Thoroughly excited about who I’m going to meet, I'm prepped and excited about planning and showing you how to change your life and your viewpoint.

For me, today is that day. I finally have a bit of a spare moment to myself. I purposefully chose to do nothing today on this blissful weekend. No climbing, no running, no patient files…(sorry guys) Just me and my creative juices… And today the mind matches the spare time. I’m free to actually write. Which I’m damn. fond. of. Which I miss.

Finding time to write is hard. Not everyone is fortunate to have time off, to have a day or a month to devote to it. We have other things that are important, families, dogs, significant others, that garden patch. It’s a blissful moment when these things do not call. My sweeties on a trip. It’s been too long. Back to business. I’m selling out of books and today’s journey includes a little deviation to my favorite coffee shop to find the time to think about what’s next…

You don’t understand. Ozo is where it all goes down. When I’m in here, I feel this creative energy that I’ve felt nowhere else. Seriously. Downtown Boulder is full of crazy people but this little gem, it's full of excited start-up designers, coders, and non-profit dreamers, when I find my little spot in the front window, where I pull out my stool and plop down my old tired laptop, I cant help but ride on the brainwaves floating around here. How many amazing creative ideas have began and ended here? It’s probably what the actors feel like in Hollywood, where they eat and breathe where major screen writers were creating and laying out the very movies that they idolize. But here in the heart of Boulder, it’s brain grease and caffeine. Tapping of the pencil, or the keypad. The beginning of it all. Or full circle, I’m back to decide what I’ll put out next into the world.

I couldn’t have dreamed how well my first book would have sold so nicely. Climbing Injuries Solved started off with a kick (on Kickstarter) and dwindled to a soft glow and even sales on Amazon and yours truly’s website… I mean, who finds this stuff anyway?

I'm impossibly grateful for those who shared my book and recommend it to fellow friends. I can’t believe a little unknown sports chiropractor in the middle of the states now gets calls and drive-in patients from 9 hours away who seem to think I can solve their woes with one visit. I’m honored. And hell-bent, on giving them my all and in doing whatever I can to help them from afar as well as in the clinic. Wow, how blessed I am! Its a beautiful life and time in Lisa land.

Its GO time.

I’ll be out of pre-printed books at the end of the year and this next printing will need a new updated cover (long story there full of much learning and woes) and all the tidbits that the last one was lacking, I can’t wait to add in, such as a MUCH larger self-care section and more region specific 1-on-1 injury care. Hopefully it’ll be a hit. The second one needs to be much more rad than the first. (Did you read it and have an idea? Shoot it over to

I’m jazzed about getting this second edition out, and I’m thrilled that I’ve been given the chance to sell out of what I printed. It was idiotic to print so many, especially as an indie author. I went big as a small print (under 1,000) would have been very costly, and a larger print, (near 4,000) was more in my budget even though I had to take out a loan. Small potatoes for any real publisher but I’ve really enjoyed learning the process and being intricately involved in the growth of Climbing Injuries Solved. In such a niche market, I’m counting success as what it is and I’m looking for even more ways to give back. Now I can no longer travel with USAClimbing (I’ve been bought out by a bigger clinic) but I’m stoked and honored that my time was well spent and that I’ve met so many of you that have touched my heart.

My favorite athlete that comes to mind is a story is of a climber who had a long boarding accident just before the ABS National Championships. He was trying to figure out how to get his shoe on (even though he was missing most of the skin on the top of his foot). I must say, I was amazed and impressed at his insistence in competing… (somehow) he figured out how to get his shoe on and he had a pretty good go at it. I’m constantly humbled and amazed at what a person can do if they truly put their mind and their heart toward it.

You, my reader and my patient constantly amaze and inspire me. I’m just going to put that out there. You and your needs are what drive me, I’m spoiled to know each and every one of you. (If I don’t know you, well… Hello and welcome to my coffee shop).

So now you all know why I’m not allowed to drink caffeine, my mind works too quickly, my heart is pulled in all these directions, its probably driving you mad just reading this…


Speaking of being IN-TO-IT, I’ve been bouncing around the idea for 2 years (and the imminent suspense) of bringing my next love child to market. Cue the mental drums…

A conversational being, I thrive on hearing your stories and I grow bored of dictating, directing, and ordering you out of your bad situations and bad moods- Instead I want to hear your stories. Titled UnSprained, the podcast is interactive and I get to have a very real conversation with an average rock addict, or perhaps a barely-alive climber, or maybe even a climber who can climb because of a multitude of opportunities. I live and breathe sports medicine and any ties with this to your story would be awesome. Shoot me a call or an email (303-877-1458, and tell me your tale, if its sharable and fits in with the persona of my podcast I”ll reach out and we can get you on air. Hopefully you share a love of coffee (or cider beer). I have two podcasts done, I'm currently working on the editing and uploading them and then I'll be inviting guests onto the show- Can't wait to play with this.

And if you're that guy who shredded his feet long boarding, shoot me some photos, I love gore ;-)


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