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Live to 100?!

While driving in San Francisco, I saw a billboard that said 1 of 3 children will live to the age of 100. This isn't a new finding, instead it is the current statistic based on research in the UK. Worldwide, there are pockets of healthy individuals who are living past a century. Currently there are 316,600 living centenarians worldwide...

Centenarian- A person who lives past 100

One village in Italy has over 300 of its residents that are over 100 years old…Some of this is genetic, some of their longevity is related to lifestyle choices. With this said, here is a list for you to peruse to learn what you can do to enrich your own life.

Here are the current recommendations founded on researching these current centenarians:

1. Spend time with loved ones.

Those who have been studied to live to 100 have this in common… They all have tight night families. Spending time with acquired or genetic family deepens the connection between family members, increases affection and love, and is associated with success in both behavioral and academia.

2. Garden.

The study of centenarians shows that the majority of them are vegetarian. On the island of Okinawa, many eat what they grow on their land, void of sprays and processing. This brings the quality and the quantity up of dietary vitamins and minerals. Blended with rice and fish, this powerhouse of nutrients could be the key to giving you a healthier body while you enjoy life.

3. Relax and let go of stress.

The interesting thing about centenarians is that many tend to have relaxed views on life or even a child-like eagerness about it. The Italian village of Acciaroli, there are no signs of stress, worry or anxiety. Their faces are relaxed and happy, which match their Japanese counterparts…Many say they want to live even longer to see their grandkids grow up!

(Their reported trick is living in relaxation with plenty of sardines.)

4. Focus on Prevention and Restoration.

Those who take care of their bodies, who can walk and move into their later years, will live longer than those who become wheelchair bound. This means that for every maintenance visit you put into allowing your body to move with motion and fluidity will increase the expectancy to have these motions later on in life! Talk with us at your next visit about the large discounts we offer maintenance patients (those who are asymptomatic with no pain) who choose to prevent and manage their body for the years to come.

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