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Boom your Health

Are you looking to turn your body back to where it was BEFORE it became stiff and achy?

A solo practitioner, I work to give you back your quality of life and your happiness. There is life after injury...You should not only have the opportunity to heal, but to thrive.

I’m now offering a 4 Pack of Visits to new patients with this in mind. Enjoy the benefits of a close patient-provider relationship. This includes 4 visits of care that begins with the evaluation of your body and your habits to ensure health as well as avoidance of future risks. This plan for success includes proper use of your time and some elbow grease to return your body to fit and fabulous. It's not only possible... it's probable with my customized plans for success.

Do You Want:

  • Better motion of joints and your body overall.

  • Pain free joints and tissues to last with time.

  • Less aches and pains at rest and during activity.

  • More energy and a higher happiness level.

This is what my care invites into your life. Say yes to the body you want and the opportunity to solve the cause of your symptoms for good. Don’t worry, I’ll find and fill in all the missing regions of care and set you up for success.

This is a Great Program if You:

  • Have seen other docs without success.

  • Feel that time and focus has been missing with your other physicians.

  • Are willing to put time into your own health plan and home-care.

  • Can make 4 weekly visits fit into your schedule to ensure success.

  • If you understand that other appointments depend on yours to be on-time.

  • Are OK with my No-Show No-Refund Policy. I'm here, you should be too.

This Program is NOT for You If:

-You view your issue to only be pain and are unwilling to work on the cause.

-If you are unwilling to commit to our self-care program of 4 visits.

-If you are in a financial crisis and are unable to pay for your care in advance.

-Are NOT willing to put time and effort into your own health.

-If you cannot show up on time for your care or miss appointments.

I only mention these to ensure that you know my expectations and that your needs and desires are a good match for my care. If this sounds of interest, please book in below to begin on your extraordinary journey to optimal health.

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