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If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing flu symptoms, please do NOT book a visit for 14 days. Click the link above for more info.

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Chiropractic for Hyperathletes...

and YOU.

We are in the business of getting you better, fast. With this said, you might just see one of our providers, or a blend of them. 


Hand chosen with you in mind, to maintain continuity of care,  these providers will leave you feeling assured in the success of your recovery, to ensure the LifeSport outcome you've learned to expect.

We don't drag your visits on and on. We get things done. This is the LifeSport way.

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Who knows, you just might fall in love with your care. That's great!

News and New Hours:

Dr. Karen is now our provider in the office the most hours. Monday and Tuesday Mornings and Thursday and Friday afternoons. She also works Saturdays.

Meredith is now seeing all our finger, hand and arm clients full time for weekly and bi-weekly therapies.

Watch out for Lily,  our new Pilates teacher! More info is to come. 

Meet your

Support Team:


Dr. Karen Borman DC 

We are proud to now have

Dr. Karen stepping forward to run the clinic full-time as Dr. Lisa has moved.

 Excelling in 

soft tissue work in addition to her chiropractic care, Dr. Karen also  has advanced training in  pairing your bloodwork to  specialized nutrition changes. Cool! 


Did we mention she also has a massage background in addition to her Doctorate in Chiropractic?! She's even in the office on Saturdays.

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Meredith Hoerske OTR/L

The go-to referral from many local hand and shoulder surgeons, Meredith just branched out after working at North Boulder PT. Renowned for her care, LifeSport is proud to present her as our very own hand and shoulder specific therapist.

Book now if you need finger or elbow specific care 

for a speedy recovery.

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Double sessions at just $75

(for an hour!!)

Clean Hand Zone

We are all making an effort to keep each other healthy.

Soap works better than hand sanitizer. Please scrub your hands for 20+ seconds with soap and water prior to your visit. Read CDC guidelines...

Wear a mask

We ask that you wear a mask  at your next visit. Masks are required.

This can be home-made or a scarf. Follow the link below to  learn how to make your very own!

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If you have been

exposed to COVID-19 

or are feeling symptoms of cold or flu, please do not visit our clinic for 14 days. Instead,  book a telehealth visit.


every Patient

Rest assured, our stockpile of gloves and cleaning products means that doors, treatment tables and all sheets/towels are sterilize.

Special hours for immuno- 

compromised clients are available!


"LifeSport has been great. First visit included a thorough examination, and an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Lisa has given me the tools to help myself outside of sessions. She also treats using so many methods - she has used chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture needles, given me physical therapy type exercises to work on. She listens, seems really caring, and knows a lot about what she does. Especially if you are a climber - very much worth a try!"

Meet Dr. Lisa
The head provider at LifeSport, Dr. Lisa has lectured, written and educated for Climbing Magazine, Mens Health, USAClimbing, CU Alpine Club, and Mountain Project.  A multi-sport athlete herself, Dr. Lisa finished the Leadwoman series of ultra-distance bike and running races in 2013 being the youngest athlete to date. An avid climber and backcountry skier, Lisa currently isn't racing but spends her time at the clinic thriving on difficult cases. Currently heading out for maternity leave, she has selected Dr. Karen Hollaman to take over all her injured clients (and Meredith Horske specifically for all finger, wrist and upper arm injuries). 

Conditions we Treat:


-Shoulder and Elbow Pain

-Back and Neck Injuries

-Weekend Warrior Limps

-Work Week Survivor Stiffnesses

-Nutritional imbalances and tummy problems

-Those with autoimmune issues and food issues

-Those who need a good massage

-Those who need WAY more than a massage

Those who need an exam (and feedback)

Those who have it all, health and the routine, but are missing that one thing...

And everyone in between.

Maintenance care will not only keep you from being injured, it will make life more fun!

Feel lighter, younger, more flexible and at your best. Because you deserve it. We all do. 

Every body needs care-
You don't have to be an athlete
to be welcome here.

If you find yourself facing pain and injury, know that you are not alone. LifeSport has a mission not to only heal you but to return you to a healthier, more active form of your self. Book yourself in if you need assistance, guidance or care to help you along your way to fully living your life. There is no better time to start than NOW.

Can't get in to see Dr. Lisa?

There's a Book!


Check out Dr. Lisa's Book! Focused on the common injuries from the fingertip to the shoulder, this book is a MUST HAVE educational book for any serious climber right next to that climbing rope and that grigri. This book is a stand-alone self-care climbing guide for injuries that leads you through a specialized training plan, hits up the current injury research, and guides you to understand your own anatomy with physiotherapy for climbing and training for climbing built in.

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Please reach out with your needs so we can be sure to support your journey to health. Make sure to check out our other pages on health insurance, mew patient visits and everything else you need to know to for your first visit.