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                   Be Stronger
                   Think Clearer
                   Create A Healthier You

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Living Life to the fullest.

Everything you do pivots on how your body and brain function.      

Your health is perhaps the most important aspect of your life.  

It effects everything and everyone around you.

LifeSport is about bringing out your greatest potential through chiropractic, functional neurology and functional medicine so you can achieve your greatness.



Chiropractic care for all ages

         Diversified, Thompson Drop, Activator, SOT,                  Applied Kinesiology, Cranial Sacral, SRT,                            Flexion/Distraction, Pregnancy and Infant care

Muscle Work

            NeuroMuscular Release, Trigger Point                               Release, Muscle Activation, Abdominal                             Massage

Functional Medicine and Nutrition

Functional Neurology

           Training in the Melillo Method 


           Superpulsed Therapeutic Laser, Ultrasound,                  Electric Stim.  InfraRed, Red Light, Blue Light.


"I had chronic bicep pain from over twenty years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I had seen multiple doctors who had every diagnosis from bicep to elbow tendonitis to severe sprains etc.  I was on the verge of quitting Jiu Jitsu when I came to see Karen.  After just a few sessions with 90% of the pain gone and I could continue training.  She figured out exactly what was going on and recommended exercises to fix the problem.

I took my dad to her who had lower back pain for years which she fixed in just one session.  I cannot recommend her enough!"  Ali J.

Karen headshot.jpg
Meet Dr. Karen

r. Karen joined Lifesport Chiropractic in August 2020 and became owner in 2021.  As a high school athlete, Dr. Karen sustained a track injury that led to whole body break down at the age of 16.  Living on hope and barely able to walk, she was sent around the country to different practitioners trying to figure out what was wrong and what to do about her debilitating abdominal pain. Four years and 47 medical specialist later, Dr. Karen found herself in a chiropractor's office and the rest is history.  Dr. Karen combines her formal training with her first hand experience as a patient to offer compassionate and knowledgeable care to get you results.  Her goal is to give you the most effective care to get you back to doing what you love.  

Addressing the root cause of your health concern is essential to fixing the problem.   She incorporates chiropractic care, functional medicine, nutrition, and functional neurology and a variety of therapies to address underlying causes of your symptoms.  

Most importantly, Dr Karen spends time with you.  Your appointments are your time with Dr. Karen.  It is a time for healing, for understanding, growth, and change.  Health is a journey, not a destination and she is here to help you enjoy the ride.

When not in the office, Dr. Karen is living life to the fullest in the foothills with her family.

Conditions We Treat:


-Shoulder and Elbow Pain

-Back and Neck Injuries

-Weekend Warrior Limps

-Work Week Survivor Stiffnesses

-Nutritional imbalances and tummy problems

-Those with autoimmune issues and food issues

-Those who need a good massage

-Those who need WAY more than a massage

Those who need an exam (and feedback)

Those who have it all, health and the routine, but are missing that one thing...

And everyone in between.

Maintenance care will not only keep you from being injured, it will make life more fun!

Feel lighter, younger, more flexible and at your best. Because you deserve it. We all do. 

Every body needs care-
You don't have to be an athlete
to be welcome here.

Pain is motivation to fix the problem.  I am very excited to offer Laser Therapy and Laser Adjustments to decrease pain and speed up your healing.


With one of the most advanced Therapeutic Lasers on the market, We are bringing healing to a whole new level! 

Dr. Lisa is not at Lifesport any longer...but her book is!

Check out Dr. Lisa's Book! Focused on the common injuries from the fingertip to the shoulder, this book is a MUST HAVE educational book for any serious climber right next to that climbing rope and that grigri. This book is a stand-alone self-care climbing guide for injuries that leads you through a specialized training plan, hits up the current injury research, and guides you to understand your own anatomy with physiotherapy for climbing and training for climbing built in.

Please reach out with your needs so we can be sure to support your journey to health. Make sure to check out our other pages on health insurance, new patient visits and everything else you need to know to for your first visit.  

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