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Meet Dr. Lisa
The head provider at LifeSport, Dr. Lisa has lectured, written and educated for Climbing Magazine, Mens Health, USAClimbing, CU Alpine Club, and Mountain Project, among a few.  A multi-sport athlete herself, Dr. Lisa finished the Leadwoman series of ultra-distance bike and running races in 2013 being the youngest athlete to date. An avid climber and backcountry skier, Lisa currently isn't racing but spends her time at the clinic thriving on difficult cases. She's also newly working on her second edition of Climbing Injuries Solved while training for her RMSK.
Highlighted Therapy:
Diagnostic Ultrasound Exam


Get that injury examined by Dr. Lisa with a site-specific look below the skin to evaluate your ache or pain. We can see tendons, bursitis, new or chronic muscle injuries and even fractures. 

This technique is useful for evaluating:

- Bursitis of the hip or shoulder

- Tendonitis of fingers, elbows, or knees

- Pinpoint bone pain 

- Overuse syndromes

- Shoulder Impingement

- Nerve Entrapment or Snapping Syndromes

- Tendon or Muscle damage

Note: This diagnostic method is not used for the meniscus of the knee, herniated discs, or the labrum of the hip or shoulder.

Above: Diagnostic ultrasound of the  rotator cuff of the shoulder. D=Deltoid Muscle H= Humerus Arrow head=Bursa of the shoulder  Arrow=Tear of the supraspinatus tendon from the attachment upon the of the rotator cuff.


"Lisa has been great. First visit included a thorough examination, and an accurate diagnosis. She has given me the tools to help myself outside of sessions. She also treats using so many methods - she has used chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture needles, given me physical therapy type exercises to work on. She listens, seems really caring, and knows a lot about what she does. Especially if you are a climber - very much worth a try!"

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Is your injury holding you back? Focused on the common injuries from the fingertip to the shoulder, this book is a MUST HAVE educational book for any serious climber right next to that climbing rope and that grigri. This book is a stand-alone self-care climbing guide for injuries that leads you through a specialized training plan, hits up the current injury research, and guides you to understand your own anatomy with physiotherapy for climbing and training for climbing built in.

Clinical Treatment & Private Medical Coaching


Get what you need the most. LifeSport offers one-on-one design of recovery plans or athletes AND work week injuries.

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