Rates & Pricing

Dr. Lisa's Current Cash Pricing:


$195 Advanced Ultrasound Exam

$135 New Patient Visit

$220 4-Pack for Current Patients (30 min)

$395 4-Pack for Current Patients (60 min)

$125 Elongated Visit (1 Hour)

$70 Routine Visit (30 min)

$55 Monthly Membership Visit (30 min)

$110 Monthly Membership Visit (60 min)




If you have insurance and would like to use it, please email us with the details before assuming your insurance pays for care. Usually we will bill you our cash rate and submit to your insurance for your reimbursement. Dr. Lisa is happy to bill insurance as an out of network specialist.


If your FlexSpend or HSA Cards doesn't work while booking online, please bring in your card at your visit and can process your payment for you!


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