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Moe Skaro



A past olympian and specialist in PUSH therapy, Moe hones in on your every twist and turn to ensure its untangled to reveal its most brightest function. 

Moe's care is different. Remain fully clothed in relaxed fit attire and allow her to do full body re-arrangement of your postural stabilizers, your pelvis, and any other tissues and joints that remain stuck or locked along the way. 

Working with your massage therapist has never been so easy.

Moe is the go-to therapist for the athletes of Pearl Izumi. She has extensive education in biomechanics and neuromuscular (brain-muscle-joint) relationships. She is your go-to for difficult cases or for those who want to focus on untangling problem areas. 

Dr. LiSA Erikson DC CCAP

The founder of LifeSport, Dr. Lisa is an avid climber, runner and cyclist. Focused on teaching you how yo care for your body, she does in-office advanced imaging (diagnostic ultrasound) and can order additional blood work, MRIs, and CT Scans. Her specialty is hard to treat finger and shoulder injuries however as a past Leadwoman (2013), she has injured and rehabilitated almost every part of her (and others) bodies. She's been in PT since the age of 18 and blends physiotherapy, self-care acupuncture and an advanced look at the full sport-specific use of the body to ensure you hit your mark on that podium...(Or comfortably sit atop that office chair). 

The author of Climbing Injuries Solved, book a visit with her today for advanced problem solving, injury mitigation and developing a strategy that works. Beware, new patients might need to book out for care. All appointments are available online. 


Melissa Bunch


Who knew a therapist could blend soft and firm touches to put you in Zen.


A seasoned therapist with her own practice, Melissa has over 30 years experience bringing those troubled and stressed out patients back to a peaceful and tranquil mode. Blending broad strokes with gentle patient pressure, she brings to mind true massage and all of its positives. 


Many patients choose to book monthly care with Melissa and many of her patients have been seeing her for 15+ years.  Expertise and experience make for a wonderful visit.


90 minute and 120 minute visits please.

Reach her to book a visit at: 

(303) 440-4175