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Healing the Whole Body





Your body is an amazing healing machine.  It is always seeking homeostasis and health.  Everything I do is to accentuate your body's own ability to heal.

There are many ways to address the physical body.  From chiropractic adjustments and muscle work, therapies to nutrition, supplements and; there are many options to help your body thrive.

  I offer myofascial release, cranial sacral, a variety of electric stimulation options, ultrasound, red, blue, and infrared light therapy, and therapeutic laser.

 Lastly, listening is perhaps the most important thing I can do as a health care provider.  You know your body better than anyone!  Taking the time to listen creates space for clarity to rise to the surface.




Understanding your symptoms is key to gaining health.  There is always the question "Why" to ask.  By understanding your body, you gain access to more powerful healing and preventing future injury and illness.

Understanding your brain helps bring more clarity for your health.  The balance between your right and left brain function can offer insight into many aspects of your health.  Functional Neurology looks at your brain balance and the issues it can create.  Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia are a few of the many conditions that develop from brain imabalances.  



Therapeutic Lasers are changing health care.  I am extremely excited to offer this form of care at LifeSport.  After years of searching for the right Laser to best serve you, I finally landed on the Lumix 660.  It is one of the most effective and efficient therapeutic lasers on the market offering 4 wavelengths that can be used simultaneously to decrease inflammation, decrease pain, increase circulation, and promote cellular regeneration.  What that means for you is deeper healing, faster and who doesn't want that?

Who Can Benefit?

Just about anyone can benefit from laser therapy.  From helping joints and muscle injuries heal naturally to helping improve brain function, and even slow down the signs of aging, the laser is a great addition to your health care.  I have found that more frequent use increases your bodies ability to heal so we now have special laser sessions available.

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