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Monthly Memberships

Basic Monthly Membership

$65/month/30min session

The basics for those who want to prevent and maintain with a monthly visit. Package is based on a 1 month minimum and the auto-payment monthly option.


A supportive package for an athlete or desk jockey who has big goals for the year. Book yourself into an elongated visit each month and keep up to date on your tissue tone. Includes therapies, body work, and adjustment.   Payment is made via auto-payment.

Ask about this package at your next visit!

IMPORTANT Points of the Program:


1. Yes. This Auto-debit program can be paid for with an HSA/Flexspend Card. 


2. No. We do not bill insurance (submit towards a deductible) nor send specialized receipts for this care. An emailed receipt is sent each month.

3. This plan is not for new clients nor for injured clients but instead to prevent injury! If you are a new client, you will have to wait to be returned to injury free before these preventative visits work (as volume and timing are too sparse for new injuries).


4. Clients who have already created an auto-debit plan and cancelled are exempt from starting another program.


3. We reserves the right to charge additional exam/treatment fees for  any complicated new injuries presented at a monthly maintenance visit requiring additional examination or imaging.

4. If you don't use it you lose it. It is up to you to book yourself in for care and to ensure you don't miss a month. We do make exceptions when we are on vacation to allow you more time to make up your visits.

5. LifeSport and/or Dr. Karen reserve the right to cancel your discount plan at any time.



How to Sign Up/ Reminders:

Book a routine visit and see Dr. Karen for details. 


Additional Fine Print:

This is not valid as a new patient visit. Cancel anytime via written letter, email or in person. If you forget to come in one month (or you are traveling) you can use it the next month!) NOT for new patients or those seeing Dr. Karen for a new injury. Basic aches and pains associated with daily life welcome.  


Excludes: Car accidents, slips, falls or other trauma.

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