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COVID-19 Update: (8/19/2023)


We have all been changed because of COVID-19.  While we are on the other side of it, COVID remains a prominent member of our society.  Whether on your own or in a group, we are all family when we share space.  We request that: 

      If you test positive for COVID, please reschedule your appointment.


      Masks are optional.  All practitioners in the LifeSport office space are happy to accommodate your request to       wear a mask.


We hope you and your loved ones are safe during this unprecedented and difficult time. As a clinic, we have felt the impact of this pandemic immensely and want to express how committed we are to your safety. At this time, all  therapists are currently back in the office treating clients (physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic and massage are still offered at out clinic for those who need it). Pain is never planned, so we are here to help find a solution for your achy joints, sore muscles, nagging back pain and headaches.



If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing flu symptoms, please do NOT book a visit for 14 days.

Clean Hand Zone

We are all making an effort to keep each other healthy.

Soap works better than hand sanitizer. Please scrub your hands for 20+ seconds with soap and water prior to your visit. Read CDC guidelines...

Wear a mask

We ask that you wear a mask  at your next visit. Masks are required.

This can be home-made or a scarf. Follow the link below to  learn how to make your very own!

StAy Home

Protect your neighbors.

If you have been

exposed to COVID-19 

or are feeling symptoms of cold or flu, please do not visit our clinic for 14 days. Instead,  book a telehealth visit.


every Patient

Rest assured, our stockpile of gloves and cleaning products means that doors, treatment tables and all sheets/towels are sterilize.

Special hours for immuno- 

compromised clients are available!

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