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Every year, new research comes out on chiropractic and the validity of such studies.

Here's some data from the newest report:


Spinal Surgery:  1,800 negative responses per Million 

Cervical Spine Surgery (Neck): 500 negative responses per Million

Use of Aspirin and NSAIDS: 153 negative responses per Million

Prescription Opiod Pain Medications: 53.6 deaths per Million

Chiropractic Adjustment: Less than 1 major injury per Million 

(or about 1 in 5.85 million)

Are Chiropractors Real doctors? 

To earn their degree, doctors of various disciplines are required to hit a required educational hour mark before completing their program. Here are the current statistics of related professions and chiropractic. 

Educational Hours Required Per Year:

Medical Doctors- 4800 total educational hours

Doctor of Osteopathy- 4660 total educational hours

Doctor of Chiropractic- 4620 total educational hours

Doctor of Physiotherapy- 3870 total educational hours

Who goes to Chiropractors? 

Over 1/...

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